In the third stage, the significance of each identified impact is assessed in order to give priority to the most significant impacts in strategic plans. The significance of each impact is rated on a scale of 1—3: 

  • Minor impact — 1
  • Medium impact — 2
  • Major impact — 3

When assessing the significance of the climate impacts, pay special attention to your direct climate impacts, i.e. the stage of the life cycle which presents your company. Consider the nature of your company’s and product’s climate impacts against those of your competitor’s. The following issues can be taken into account in the significance assessment: 

  • Environmental impacts (fragility of the environment, size and frequency of the aspect)
  • Financial impacts
  • Importance of the issue to your stakeholders (clients, employees etc.)
  • Requirements of legislation concerning climate issues

The template for assessing significance of the climate impacts can be downloaded from the Related files on the right.

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