This review presents scenarios on climate change impacts on the Baltic Sea Region. It is intended to support future local analyses as a part of the assessment of challenges and chances and the Vulnerability Assessment framework.

The impact scenarios have been divided into three of the four BalticClimate sectoral themes: agriculture, energy, and housing including water. No impact scenarios have been found for the transport sector. Additionally, the review contains impact scenarios of the overall economy, forestry, health and the natural environment.

Climate change research is a vibrant and dynamic field. New knowledge keeps coming all the time. Consequently, it is impracticable to map all the available climate change impact scenarios due to copyright agreements, new and revised versions of the scenarios, and the large share of the scenarios published outside the academic literature. The challenge, thus, is to collect, structure, and perhaps harmonise this body of knowledge. This review is an attempt to illustrate the availability of such material by presenting more than thirty impact scenarios of relevance for the Baltic Sea Region.

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  • Scientific background of climate change impacts
  • What are scenarios and models,

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