To know how the climate is changing and what the future climate could be like, climate models are used to produce climate scenarios.

Within the BalticClimate project future climate scenarios, which you can find from the Related files on the right, were prepared for Target Areas in Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and Sweden (see Figure 1). You can use the information in these reports to determine the future climate in your area. If your area does not belong to any of these Target Areas, see the information given in general future climate scenarios for the Baltic Sea Region.

For the local assessments of the challenges and chances generated by climate change, there is also a need with regard to how climate change is likely to impact on the social activities in the local areas. This is an essential step of the assessment process, linking the changes in the climate system to impacts on the social activities in the local areas. The impact scenarios thus enrich and support the discussions about what will happen to us here, and shed light on the sensitivity element of vulnerability.

To take into account the potential impacts that climate change will cause in your area, please see the review of impact scenarios. The review presents available scenarios on climate change impacts on the Baltic Sea Region. It is intended to support future local analyses as a part of the assessment of challenges and chances and the Vulnerability Assessment framework.

Figure 1. Target Areas of the BalticClimate project (click to enlarge)

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