Knowing the total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from area or sector of your interest is important for working on the mitigation aspect of climate change. Therefore it should not be approached with indifference. Even if local information is not available, an estimate should be made. Some suggestions are presented below:

  • Total emissions from energy production, transport, agriculture and other activities
  • Emissions of energy production by production/fuel type
  • Emissions of energy by type (heating, electricity)
  • Emissions of the main energy consumers
  • Emissions by the largest GHG emitters
  • Emissions of transport by vehicle type and/or purpose
  • Emissions of agriculture by source
  • Emissions by building type
  • Emissions of housing by source

An understanding of the main sources of GHG emissions is the first step in working with the main contributors. Thus, get an overview of total GHG emissions. This can be undertaken in combination with more specific indicators, such as emissions by source or sector. Sectoral division should be expanded to indicate the most relevant industries or other activities.

Second, a more elaborate approach must be taken. Depending on whether you have a sectoral focus, you can try to use the most suitable set of indicators to get a sufficient overview for identifying hotspots.

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