The Process Leader can use the following questions to structure the evaluation:

a. How relevant was the focus of the exercise?

           i. For your local area or specific economic activity?

          ii. For the group of people that participated in the exercise
             (please state briefly which types of  competences/positions were present in the group) 

b. How relevant was the output of the exercise? Could it be applied in your day to day work? Did it widen the perspectives of the participants? Neither of these? Why not?

c. How well did the analytical structure of the exercise contribute to making the outcome relevant and usable? Suggestions for changes?

d. How well did the charts, images, concepts and other materials used during the exercise help in facilitating the analytical and creative thinking of participants? What could we do instead?

Make the evaluation by brief notes on each issue, or mark in the following chart, by the group as a whole, or by each individual participant. (The table for evaluating the exercises can be downloaded from the Related files on the right.)
The Process Leaders may also prepare their own evaluation questions!

  Frown Undecided Smile Comments
a) i        
a) ii        


Start the exercises in the exposure and sensitivity block